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Our Core Team

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Andrew Graunke

Founding Principal

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Andrew is inexplicably passionate about visual design and user experience. After graduating from a top-ranking Architecture school, he fell in love with the challenges and opportunities faced by technology companies looking to expand. A born philosopher, Andrew believes in people, ideas, logos, and prototypes.

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Kaylee Schwitzer

Founding Partner

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Besides being a Senior UX Design Consultant at No Capital, Kaylee is also an expert sailor. Her specialties include market validation, user research, user testing, and user interface design for B2C products and platforms. A tried-and-true entrepreneur, Kaylee has co-founded two start-ups and consulted for eleven more in the past twelve months.

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Antonio Jaimes

Senior Consultant

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Antonio is the coolest developer in the 'verse. As a Senior Consultant at No Capital, Antonio brings priceless-technical-know-how to every client he works with. Always on the bleeding edge of technology, he wields a razor sharp sensibility for what's best, what works, and what to do next. Don't let his sunglasses fool you; he has beautiful eyes. 

Strategic Partners


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Venture Capital Analyst

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Our partner makes investment decisions for a top-tier Venture Capital Fund in Silicon Valley focused on Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data. Our partner offers a wealth of expertise for any business looking to raise venture capital.

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Priya Thatte

Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Umami

Priya owns and operates a full-service online marketing agency dedicated to strategy and implementation. Looking to reach an audience? Priya is an expert in campaign management, content management, and organic growth.

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