No Capital LLC is a consortium of consultants consisting of Andrew Graunke, Kaylee Schwitzer, and Antonio Jaimes. Together, they specialize in product market fit with an emphasis on B2C products, digital experience, design, and development.

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No Capital LLC maintains offices in San Luis Obispo, California and Washington, DC. Its strategic partners are located in Silicon Valley and New York City. No Capital LLC services clients all over the world. 


No Capital LLC was formed in March of 2015 by California Polytechnic State University graduate Andrew Graunke and General Assembly graduate Kaylee Schwitzer. Both consulting for early-stage startups independently, they formed No Capital LLC to diversify their offerings and to reduce non-systematic consulting risks by investing in a variety of industries, company sizes, and types. Also in March of 2015, Antonio Jaimes, a product developer and consultant for Cisco Systems, joined No Capital LLC as a Senior Consultant and founding member of the consortium.

“Often, we work with clients who have more ideas than capital. Our motto is: No capital? No problem.” Andrew Graunke, Founding Principal, No Capital LLC

In certain cases, No Capital LLC offers discounted services in exchange for equity (shares or profits) with select clients. Shares and revenue from these agreements are split amongst the consortium. 

No Capital LLC works with FORTUNE 500 companies, early-stage startups, and everything in between. Client work includes research, design and development for Cisco Systems, AARP, Abbott Nutrition, HomeSlice, Brandplug, Beacon Research, General Assembly, iCan Crawler, Lowe's, McCormick,, Haven, Viagem, Walkabout, and Just Startup.


To learn more about No Capital LLC and its offerings, please contact

Andrew Graunke, Principal
955 Morro Street
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Phone: +1 (805) 215 2540